Pilot Training Simulation at Aerosim

Training SimulationBecause our technologies division within Aerosim specializes in developing the industry’s most advanced flight simulation equipment, students at L3 Airline Academy have access to the following world-class simulation trainers:

  • Aerosim Level 6 SR20 Flight Training Devices (FTD)
  • Aerosim Advanced Aviation Training Devices (AATD)
  • 142 Multi-Engine Flight Training Devices (FTD)

These state-of-the-art training devices are an integral part of the training program which immerses the cadet in a life-like environment with a fully functioning cockpit, realistic engine sounds and visual scenery.

The equipment includes control loading flight controls, full-size Primary and Multifunction displays, autopilot and navigations as well as simulated systems that utilize actual aircraft hardware. The physical arrangement, appearance and operation of controls, instruments and switches accurately model the aircraft in terms of the appearance, arrangement, operation and function.

Aerosim SR20 FTD

SR20 Flight Training DeviceAerosim’s FAA approved SR20 FTDs provide students with system integration and procedure training, including work load management, situational awareness and decision making in normal, abnormal and emergency conditions. An enclosed cockpit with a 220 degree wrap around visual system combined with Aerosim’s leading edge simulation software helps to equip the student and instructor for success.

The instructor operating station is located aft of the cockpit, with the floor of the instructor’s facility at the same level as the cockpit floor. It is fitted with an audio jack for voice communication between the crewmember stations and instructor or check airman.

The station allows easy access to simulation settings, freezes, repositions and environmental parameters including wind and visual conditions. A malfunctions tab allows the instructor to trigger events for non-normal and emergency procedures training.

Aerosim AATD

Aerosim AATDThe Aerosim AATD is a stand-alone trainer that can be used to meet specific regulatory flight training and certification requirements. It offers students a cost-effective substitute for instrument training time that may be completed in the aircraft or Aerosim’s flight training devices. It is the ‘smaller brother’ of the FTD but benefits from similar features and technology and is also equipped with a single channel visual system.

These PC-based procedural and operational trainers are ideal for use within the flight training curriculum at L3 Airline Academy .

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Aerosim’s instruction features realistic pilot training equipment, flight simulator training and flight simulation training. For more information about the flight training simulation available at L3 Airline Academy , e-mail our admissions department or call 1-800-U-CAN-FLY.

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