“My name is Jorge Martinez, and I am a former Academy Instructor from Spain. My life at the Academy started in 2007 as a student pilot with no flight experience, and I completed my pilot and instructor licenses by March 2008. I started instructing in April, and I can say that was one of the best decisions I could have ever made. I could use all of the knowledge I learned during my pilot certificates to teach my students, which gave me great feedback on improving my experience and pilot skills. I instructed for almost three years, and in early 2011, I got hired by LAN Airlines in Chile. They are one of the top ten airlines worldwide with a fleet composed of Airbus 320, Airbus A340, Boeing 767 and Boeing 777.
During the hiring process, I felt much more prepared than pilots coming in with more flight hours than me. I can only think that was due to the experience I gained at the Academy. Aviation is such a rewarding industry when you prepare yourself with the highest education out there.”

Jorge A. Martinez
First Officer LAN Chile

“I’d like to thank the Academy for being the best at what they do. On November of 2010, I had an engine failure in a Cessna 152 in a school in Mexico, and I was able to glide down to an abandoned runway and walk away unhurt. I’m positive that if I hadn’t studied at the Academy (formerly Delta Connection Academy) and received the best training in the world, things would have probably been very different. Keep up the good work and again THANK YOU.”

Felipe Del Bosque
First Officer, Interjet

“The technical knowledge, skills, and professional core values that I obtained while studying at the Academy have allowed me to meet the highest standards of performance throughout my career. From working as a Flight Instructor to becoming a First Officer at a Major Airline, it has been evident what a solid foundation and determination is able to accomplish.”

Saúl Reza Arcelus
First Officer, AeroMexico

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