L3 Airline Academy Offers $10,000 Scholarship for Qualified Veterans

SANFORD, Fla. (August 22, 2016) – L3 Airline Academy is dedicated to the encouragement and development of future generations of professional pilots. In an effort to further this mission, L3 Airline Academy announces the Veterans Scholarship Program. This program, a first time offering by the academy, is designed to offer financial assistance to qualified individuals passionate about a career in aviation.  Eligible participants may receive up to $10,000 toward tuition for the Airline Pilot Track.

Veterans Scholarship provisions and eligibility requirements are available at www.AFA.edu. Applicants’ essays will be evaluated by a scholarship committee on originality, composition, clarity and relevance to the topic. Scholarship amounts will vary, are limited and will remain available until depleted.

For additional information on all available scholarships and financial aid resources, contact the L3 Airline Academy admissions department at 407-330-7020 or via email at admissions@afa.edu.

Veterans in the Workplace

Of note, 2016 has been identified as ‘the year for veterans in the workplace’ with the United States experiencing unprecedented numbers of service members transitioning from the military.

According to the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, veterans have a lower unemployment rate at 3.6 percent than Americans overall, who faced a rate of about five percent (November 2015). This reflects ongoing efforts to train members of the military with valuable job skills before they join the workforce, new initiatives by businesses and nonprofits to get veterans jobs and the changing attitudes among everyday Americans about the value that former service members bring to the workforce.

With nearly 30 years of experience in aviation, aviation training, workforce development, resource management and efficiency strategies, President and General Manager of L3 Airline Academy Hank Coates understands the unique needs and opportunities for veterans in today’s workplace. Upon earning his Wings of Gold in the United States Navy, Coates spent 23 years as a naval officer and aviator.  Today, he leads the L3 Airline Academy team to deliver world-class flight training to those seeking to become fully qualified, professional airline pilots.

“L3 Airline Academy stands ready to train, recruit and prepare the next generation of professional pilots and strives to make a seamless transition for our valued Veterans into the next stage of their career,” said Coates.

From Combat to Flight: A Veteran’s Story

“Following my military career in the U.S. Army as a combat medic specialist, I enrolled in L3 Airline Academy to pursue my dream of flying. Now, as a Flight Instructor (CFI), I love being a part of a professional team training new students. The skills I learned in my military career, including dedication, loyalty and accepting and overcoming challenges, have prepared me for the dynamic role at the Academy and within the aviation industry. My advice to the next generation of Veterans is to pursue a career that you really enjoy so you may leverage your passion and skills for success.  Aviation is definitely the industry and in-demand career choice right now,” said Anthony Rolle, Veteran and Flight Instructor at L3 Airline Academy .

About L3 Airline Academy

Originally established in 1989 and based at the Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB), L3 Airline Academy is the only flight school originally owned and operated by airlines Comair Airlines and Delta Air Lines.

Today, under the name of L3 Airline Academy , the rich history of professional pilot training continues with flight training courses approved by the FAA under 14 CFR Part 141 and specialized flight training under 14 CFR Part 61.

L3 Airline Academy is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) and provides a professional flight training environment based on sophisticated airline standards. The Academy continually strives to transform students into successful airline pilots who exceed the expectations of airlines worldwide. The Academy’s aircraft maintenance department has been recognized and received the Federal Aviation Administration’s Diamond Award of Excellence annually since 2003.

In its 27 years of operation, L3 Airline Academy has provided more than 2 million hours of flight instruction to more than 7,000 pilots and issued more than 20,000 certificates, while growing its reputation as one of the safest, most reliable flight academies in the world.

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