Air Race Classic

As part of our on-going effort to support and bring awareness to women in aviation, L3 Airline Academy has entered a team of two women pilots to participate in the 2015 Air Race Classic, a race that is dedicated to presenting and promoting the tradition of pioneering women in aviation. The race takes off on June 22nd in Fredericksburg, Virginia, where the women will fly over 2,000 miles and land in Fairhope, Alabama on June 25th.

Our team consists of Lauren Thompson, who is making her third appearance in the Air Race Classic and is also the 2010 Collegiate Winner and that same year she placed 5th overall. Kelsey Brown will be making her Air Race Classic debut alongside Thompson.

Keep track of the Aerosim Lady Flyers during the Air Race Classic.  Click here to follow Team 47 as they race to victory!



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2015 Team Members

Lauren Thompson


While traveling to Washington, D.C. on an eighth grade class trip, Lauren Thompson, 26, discovered her passion for aviation.

“The only thing I remember about the entire trip was talking about was the airplane trip there and back; I was in awe. I even took a picture with the pilot because I was so excited,” Lauren says. “Then throughout high school, my aspirations to become a pilot became even stronger, so I only applied to a university to study professional flight technology.”

Today, with a Master’s of Science in Aviation and Aerospace Management from Purdue University, the Lapel, Indiana native serves as a full-time academic instructor and the Learning Resource Center Coordinator for L3 Airline Academy .

“What I enjoy most is interacting and teaching international students,” Lauren says.  “I learn so much from other cultures and take every opportunity I can to learn more. It brings a lot of joy to teach them in the classroom and see when the ‘light bulb’ turns on as they go from little to no knowledge in aviation to ready to start flying.”

A two-time Air Race Classic (ARC) competitor, Lauren will lead the Aerosim Lady Flyers as the pilot. In 2010, she earned the honor of ARC collegiate winner.

“I’m excited to reunite with many familiar faces from my previous years of racing. Every race is going to stretch your abilities and knowledge and I look forward to the challenge and this adventure with my co-pilot, Kelsey Brown,” she says.  “I think this opportunity to race is awesome, and I would encourage all female pilots to do whatever they can to race at least once in their life.”

Kelsey Brown


The daughter of two airline pilots, L3 Airline Academy Student Kelsey Brown, 23, was born to fly but never considered a career in aviation until she was given an introductory flight as a gift.

“I decided during that 0.7 hour flight that this was what I wanted to do,” she says.

With a bachelor’s degree in French literature from Barnard College / Columbia University, Kelsey enrolled at L3 Airline Academy to fully immerse herself in aviation.

“Aerosim has provided me the opportunity to share my experience with other pilots that have the same goals and enthusiasm I do,” she says. “The opportunity to compete in a long distance cross country race like the Air Race Classic embodies one of the fundamental reasons why I came to Aerosim. I think it will be an incredibly formative experience with regard to my flying skills, as well as a fantastic opportunity to meet and compete with other women pilots.”


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