Commercial Pilot Track

Return to your Home Country and Start your Airline Career.

Our commercial pilot track takes you through our Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating, and Commercial Certificate with Multi-Engine rating. This track is perfect for international students who do not need to build hours as a U.S. flight instructor before returning to their home country.

Cost: $47,511.00 (estimate) | Time: 10 months (estimate) | Visa Requirement: M- 1 Visa


Professional Pilot Program

Opportunity to work in the United States as a Certified Flight Instructor

For international students who would like the opportunity to apply to work as a Certified Flight Instructor, we offer the Professional Pilot Program. This accredited program will take you through your Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating, Certificate with Multi-Engine Rating, Commercial Single Engine Additional Rating, and Certified Flight Instructor Certificate.**

Cost: $75,995 (estimate) | Time: 15 months (estimate) | Visa Requirement: F-1 Visa

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For more information about the flight training courses offered at L3 Airline Academy, please email our admissions department or call +1 407-330- 7020. Apply today, and become one step closer to your dream of becoming an airline pilot.

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*L3 Airline Academy does not recruit self-sponsored CAAC Cadets in China. L3 Airline Academy does not authorize any agents, companies, organizations or persons in China to recruit Self Sponsored CAAC Cadets for L3 Airline Academy in Sanford Florida. Specifically, IASA and Qingdado Tianxiang International Academy are not authorized to recruit self-sponsored CAAC students from China on L3 Airline Academy’s behalf.

**Upon successful completion of the Professional Pilot Program and/or our CFI courses, L3 Airline Academy will guarantee students an interview to potentially be hired as a Flight Instructor. Hiring is based on multiple factors, including the candidate’s past training performance, communication and teaching skills, and the needs of the company, as well as successful completion of L3 Airline Academy’s Certified Flight Instructor Standardization Course.

***This school is authorized to issue student VISA’s under the Federal Student and Exchange Visitor Program.

Become an Airline Pilot

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